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30 January 2009

by David A. Fulghum

Iran is boasting again of its secret military prowess. The Federation of American Scientists says new Iranian documents reveal that the Russian Shkval torpedo was tested for Iranian naval officials in 2004. The new, Iranian-built Hoot – also a high-speed, supercavitating anti-ship torpedo – is thought to be a derivative built by a division of Iran’s Aerospace Industries Organization. In April 2006, Iran successfully test fired the Hoot. More were launched in July 2008 as part of a weapons display.

Iranian hyperbole was also high performance. Iranian officials say only they and Russia have the technology. “From a tactical point of view, what is of critical importance is that we are everywhere, while we are nowhere,” said Rear Adm. Morteza Safari of the Islamic Revolutionary Gurads Corps naval forces. “The intelligence the Americans have about us is very different from the intelligence they do not have about us.”

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