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17 January 2009

Mystery SDB

Reports have been coming out of Israel that the IDF has been debuting the Small Diameter Bomb, a 250-lb. GPS-guided weapon made by Boeing, during its offensive in Gaza.

But, a strange wrinkle arose this week. A Boeing official quietly denied that the company has executed its deliveries to Tel Aviv. The order is in, but the bombs haven't yet left the factory.

So, where'd the SDBs come from?

Perhaps they came from the U.S. Air Force, which has been stockpiling the weapon and has paid for integration onto the F-15E. The F-16 is also eventually to carry the weapon. But, the Air Force issued its typically dismissive response to the question: "We can not release sensitive information on foreign military sales. This includes FMS and delivery data that may reveal information about the order of battle and capabilities of a friendly nation."

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