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24 January 2009

Middle East Challenges to the Obama Administration:The Forthcoming Crises

Dr. Walid Phares, International Analyst Network

Since September 11, 2001, the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East has been shaped by a new and nt reality (the War on Terror), which has been a Jihadi global campaign against democracies in many areas around the world. Since the US and NATO intervention in Afghanistan in 2001, the challenges have been to maintain stability and freedom in that country and in Iraq, as well as countering the expanding influence of al Qaeda in Pakistan, the African Horn and beyond.

In addition, since the invasion of Iraq and the acceleration of the nuclear program by the Iranian regime, the challenge coming from Tehran is escalating. We've witnessed Iranian involvement in Lebanon with Hezbollah and in Gaza with Hamas. So, in short, whatever problems the Bush Administration has already confronted, the current administration will have to address, but perhaps with more urgency.

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