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24 February 2009

Asymmetric Convergence in Mexico

from ThreatsWatch by Jay Fraser

What we now face in Mexico (clearly one of the most unstable countries in the World today) is a convergence of asymmetric threats. The threats posed by the instability in Mexico are many. It is not only the flow of drugs to the U.S. It is not only the violence related to the cartel turf battles. And frankly, it is not only the inability of the Calderón government to exert any real control over the violence or stem the flow of illegal narcotics across the U.S. border that is troubling. What this means is a combined and ever blending threat and overlay of:

● Mexico's inability to quell the drug violence on its side of the border

● the parallel spill over of that violence to U.S. border cities

● the constant, but often unreported incursions of Mexican military and civilians into U.S. sovereign territory

● the very clear lack of a cohesive and viable border security plan from the U.S. government

● the inability of the U.S. to control illegal immigration across the Mexican border and the apparent forgetfulness that a portion of the illegal crossings are those of people described as "OTM" (other than Mexican)

● the dramatic and widening spread the upper and lower classes in Mexico

● the deepening unrest in places like Matamoros and Chiapas

● and finally, the reality that beyond Mexico's southern border lies greater danger and Islamic terrorist training camps.

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