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02 February 2009

IRAN: Cash Kills

from Strategy Page

The most potent weapon Iran has in Lebanon and Gaza is cash. Large quantities (tens of millions of dollars a month) are smuggled into Gaza and Lebanon. There, the cash is distributed to people who support, or might support, these Islamic radical organizations. The leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah are regularly seen in Iran's capital, conferring with Iranian leaders and receiving their orders (or strongly worded requests).

Iran used to make a big deal about giving out this cash, but has gone dark on the subject over the past few years. As economic conditions worse in Iran, the idea of handing out Iranian cash to foreigners has not been popular back home.

The economic crises, brought about by the need to support a large number of government employees (whose main qualification is loyalty to the clerics who control the government, and the oil revenue), and the low price for oil, keeps getting worse. The government propagandists keep inventing new stories of victories (like the invention of new, although mythical, weapons) or successful efforts to smash enemies of the state (Iranians jailed for being American spies, drug dealers and rapists executed) to divert peoples attention. But most Iranians are more concerned with getting by economically, than in how to overthrow the government.

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