Swine Flu Outbreak Map

11 February 2009

By Noah Shachtman 

Time calls it the Taliban's "mini-Mumbai" -- coordinated suicide bombing and small-arms attacks on three sites in Kabul that have left at least 20 people dead. It's the worst attack since July in the Afghan capital. Some observers see the strikes as a sign that the Karzai government's tenuous grip on power is only getting shakier.

The Justice ministry, Education ministry, and Prisons Directorate were all hit. "The most dramatic scenes unfolded at the Ministry of Justice," the Washington Post reports. "Employees cowered in their locked offices as gunfire erupted, and crowds fled in the surrounding, traffic-clogged streets. Officials said five men armed with guns and suicide vests killed one guard at the entrance, then entered and began firing on guards and employees throughout the four-story building. Witnesses said some people jumped from the second and even third floors to escape."

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