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11 February 2009

NEFA Foundation: Al-Qaida Says Two of Saudi's 85 "Most Wanted" Already Dead

from Counterterrorism Blog by Evan Kohlmann

The NEFA Foundation has learned that at least two of those who have been listed on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's most recent roster of its 85 most wanted terror suspects may already be dead.

Two years ago, in January 2007, family members of the #32 most wanted, Saudi national Sultan Radi al-Otaibi, announced his apparent "martyrdom" in neighboring Iraq: "Allah rewarded him with martyrdom five days ago (January 12, 2007) in the city of Baghdad during a fierce battle with American forces."

Likewise, the #47 name on the Saudi most wanted roster—Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah al-Ayad—was profiled as a deceased “martyr” in a propaganda video released by Al-Qaida's As-Sahab Media Foundation in early 2008.

[And then there were 83... - Sarge]

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