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14 February 2009

US Predator strike in South Waziristan kills 25

from The Long War Journal

The US launched an airstrike inside of Pakistan's tribal areas early Saturday morning, ending a 24-day lull in attacks against Taliban and al Qaeda networks inside Pakistan.

An unmanned US Predator strike aircraft fired two missiles into a compound of a Taliban commander based in the town of Malik Khel in the Ladha region of the Taliban-controlled tribal agency of South Waziristan. Twenty-five extremists, most of them from Uzbekistan, were killed in the strike, a senior Taliban leader told Reuters.

"Our people have informed us that at least 25 people were killed," the Taliban official said."It could be more. Most of them are Uzbek mujahideen." The al Qaeda-affiliated Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, commanded by Tahir Yuldashev, operates in South Waziristan.

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