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22 March 2009

A new challenge at sea

from Washington Times by Adm. James Lyons USN (Ret)

China's harassment of the civilian crewed U.S. Navy survey ship Impeccable operating in international waters approximately 70 miles south of Hainan Island was unprovoked and a flagrant violation of recognized Law of the Sea regulations.

The U.S. Navy did not and does not allow Russia's northern waters to be a safe zone for Soviet/Russian nuclear ballistic missiles aimed at America. Therefore, there is no legitimate reason we should let the South China Sea become a "safe haven" for China to launch ballistic missiles at the United States or our allies.

The United States, as it should, has protested this recent Chinese provocation. However, if we think avoiding future confrontations will cause problems to go away, we are making a serious miscalculation. Make no mistake, our friends, allies and potential enemies throughout the world are watching how the Obama administration responds to this provocation. Mr. President, as Vice President Biden predicted, you are being tested.

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