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04 March 2009

Saudi Arabia facing homegrown terrorism

from DC Examiner by Olivier Guitta

Saudi Arabia recently released a list of 85 of its most-wanted terrorists. Eighty-three of the individuals are Saudi nationals, the other two are Yemenis. These individuals are suspected of wanting to revive Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, attack oil facilities inside the kingdom and overthrow the monarchy.

Because of the pedigree of the suspects, the Saudi regime is taking this threat very seriously. Of the 85, 14 were previously detained at Guantanamo Bay and have undergone the Saudi rehabilitation program for jihadists. This program that was trumpeted by Saudi authorities as extremely successful is obviously now showing its limits. Indeed rehabilitating hard-core jihadists is a huge challenge, especially when these individuals have been brainwashed since youth.

The Saudi regime has at this point a lot of introspection to do since its education system is at fault along with the hyper-present extremist and intolerant Wahhabism. It is no coincidence that among foreign jihadists in Iraq fighting coalition troops, the Saudis were the largest group.

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