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24 March 2009

White House steps up anti-cartel fight on border

from Associated Press by Devlin Barrett And Eileen Sullivan

Among the moves the government is making:

*Sending about 350 additional personnel from the Homeland Security Department for a host of border-related work, including doubling the border enforcement security teams that combine local, state and federal officers.

*Adding 16 new Drug Enforcement Administration positions in the southwestern region. DEA currently has more than 1,000 agents working in the region.

*Sending 100 more people form the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to the border in the next 45 days.

*Boosting the FBI's intelligence and analysis work on Mexican drug cartel crime.

*Increasing the inspection of rail cargo heading from the U.S. into Mexico and putting X-ray units in place to try to detect weapons being smuggled into Mexico.

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