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10 April 2009

Insider Intel: Special Forces and SEALs

I had a chance to talk to a buddy who is in the middle of SF training at Fort Bragg. He's says that a group of Navy SEALs showed up to run through the SF training. He says the SEALs failed miserably. Now, neither he nor I have any axes to grind with the SEALs. I thought, as did my buddy, that they are some high-speed badass killers.

Now my fragile man-crush is shattered. My buddy said that the SEALs were making really dumb mistakes, the kind of mistakes that are getting a lot of good men killed in The Stan. Mistakes like setting up bad ambushes with no security; basic warcraft the SF can (literally) do in their sleep.

I was left with the impression that the SEALs were a bunch of pretty boys who are all about having the latest gadgets and the best sunglasses.

I hope I am wrong.


  1. When I lived in San Diego a few years ago, I befriended an SF medic who was temporarily stationed at North Island. He trained with the SEALs and his opinion of them was quite low.

  2. You're always going to hear this jealousy crap from each side. BUD/S training is the most selective training process in the US Special Operations community, IMHO. Personally, think that internationally SAS has got it over all of them.

    That said, it is possible for a few douchebags to slip through the cracks, be it SEALs, Delta, etc

    Bottom line is that you've gotta be good to gain membership into those fraternities. I include international special warfare groups as well such as SAS, GSG-9 (Germany's Grenschutzgruppe-9)

    P.S.- I DON'T consider US Army Rangers to be special warfare nor "elite". There's just too damn many of those wankers to be considered elite)