Swine Flu Outbreak Map

05 April 2009

New bird flu case a reminder pandemic still a threat

(Photo: Weda / EPA)

DAVID MARK: A key to the research is countries sharing information. But Professor Kelso is concerned that one country, Indonesia, isn't reporting cases.

Crucially, Indonesia is the country where the virus is mostly widely spread among flocks of poultry and where the human death toll far of 115 far exceeds any other country.

ANNE KELSO: Because they're not sharing viruses with WHO it's harder for the rest of the world to assist or to help to monitor how those viruses are changing. So, yes, we're concerned about Indonesia.

DAVID MARK: Avian influenza may no longer be a sexy story, but those working in the field argue governments around the world can't afford to assume the danger from this disease is over.

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