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28 April 2009

No-Tech North Korea Won’t Attack the Super-Tech South

from Danger Room by Kris Alexander

A starving and stunted (literally) country without an economy has no chance of taking over one of the world’s most economically vibrant countries. Sure, the North could attack and cause a bloody mess, but to what end?

Once they leave their bunkers and tunnels, they are prey to the modern world. North Korea’s farmboys-turned-tank-commanders might be able to get around Seoul’s sprawling, serpentine highway system, without GPS. But the navigation system will absolutely help the South’s precision weapons find those former peasants — and take them out.

Minus complete dismantlement of South Korean’s modern infrastructure, there is no hope that the North could begin to administer the South. Of course, this also means that no amount of sanctions will ever end the regime. Its like a limit in calculus. You can only get so much closer to zero.

And that’s what Pyongyang’s nukes are all about — a tool to hold onto power, the world’s biggest bargaining chip. The North can’t ever attack the South because once its army is smashed to bits in the FEBAs north of Seoul, there is nothing left but the eventual end of the regime.

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