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10 April 2009

Sign a Petition to Free USMC Sergeant Jermaine Nelson

from BLACKFIVE by blackfive@gmail.com (Pundit Review Radio)

RE: Petition for Sergeant Jermaine Nelson

If you are interested in helping Sergeant Jermaine Nelson, please read this post with historical links. The bottom line is that former Marine Sergeant Jose Nazario, Sergeant Ryan Weemer, and Sergeant Nelson were charged with the murder of prisoners during the Battle of Fallujah in November of 2004. Jose Nazario and Sergeant Weemer have been acquitted of all charges.

http://www.blackfive.net/main/ 2009/04/usmc-sergeant-ryan- weemer-acquited.html

Sergeant Jermaine Nelson is going to attempt to have the remaining charges dropped against him based on the last two trials resulting in acquittals (precedent). His attorney, a former Marine, is asking for everyone to sign the petition to drop the charges. It is posted below (a PDF file for downloading).

Please print it and pass it around your unit, neighborhood, friends, etc. Then fax or email to Attorney Joseph Low.


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