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25 April 2009

What Nancy knew

from Examiner.com by Nate Hale

With the recent release of Bush Administration memos on the "enhanced interrogation" of terror suspects, Ms. Pelosi sought to stake out a position consistent with her party and its leader, Barack Obama. Practiced at judging the political winds, Speaker Pelosi wasn't about to contradict Mr. Obama's ban on the enhanced techniques, which he has classified as torture.

Unfortunately for Ms. Pelosi, she had once done just that, and--ironically enough--a mainstream media outlet had the proof. In December 2007, the Washington Post detailed briefings provided by the CIA for senior members of Congress; the sessions detailed interrogation techniques approved for use on suspected Al Qaida members. Among the attendees was the ranking Democrat on the House Select Committee on Intelligence, Nancy Pelosi.

The briefings began in September 2002 and continued on a regular basis for several years. One intelligence official told the Post that key members of Congress received at least 30 presentations on the subject. Ms. Pelosi was a regular participant until she was replaced on the intelligence panel by Congresswoman Jane Harman of California.

According to the Post, Senators and Representatives who attended the briefings were highly supportive of the advanced interrogation measures. During the first session, one lawmaker asked CIA officials if the techniques were "tough enough." Some accounts of that session suggest that the question came from none other than Nancy Pelosi.

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