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20 April 2009

Where Have All The Soldiers Gone?

from Strategy Page

The recent parliamentary elections [in North Korea], were marred by graffiti on campaign posters. The elections are a sham, as only communist party candidates, selected by the government, can run. But scrawling anti-government slogans on posters is unheard of.

For decades, North Korea has relied on one of the most terrible inventions of the 20th century, the communist police state, to keep the population in line. Of course, the communist police state, while very effective at controlling populations, is not perfect.

The North Korean rulers fear that mass spontaneity, where the population, and the security forces that guard them, suddenly turn around and refuse to continue, and demand change, might happen at any moment. In Romania, this led to the murder of the most senior officials, by the secret police.

[Tick-tock, Kimmy. - Sarge]

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