Swine Flu Outbreak Map

26 April 2009

WHO tries to come up with swine flu plan

from Associated Press by FRANK JORDANS

In a second day of top-level meetings, WHO Director-General Margaret Chan and senior advisors were trying to determine what measures the agency could recommend to stop the spread of the outbreak, which she called a public health emergency of "pandemic potential" because the virus can pass from human to human.

New Zealand said that 10 students who took a school trip to Mexico "likely" had swine flu. Israel said a man who had recently visited Mexico had been hospitalized while authorities try to determine whether he had swine flu. France said that two people who had returned from Mexico with fevers were being monitored in regions near the port cities of Bordeaux and Marseille.

Spain's Health Ministry said three people who just returned from Mexico were under observation in hospitals in the northern Basque region, in southeastern Albacete and the Mediterranean port city of Valencia.

Governments must report any unusual cases of flu to WHO, and the agency was considering whether to issue nonbinding recommendations on travel and trade restrictions, and even border closures. It is up to governments to decide whether to follow the advice.

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