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16 June 2009

Reality Bites- Iranian regime not an honest broker


The Iranian government has no fear, and the Iranian people no hope, that America will act in any substantive way. Now that the left has gained the upper hand and Realpolitik means that playing nice with brutal totalitarian regimes is the safer bet, the Iranians will continue to feel the stomp of an iron-clad sandal on their necks. The administration has decided that dealing with a nuclear Iran is better than doing anything to stop them. The rest of the region will now get another round of Hezbollah & Hamas rockets, Revolutionary Guards fomenting terror in Iraq, and weapons flowing to Afghanistan to help the fanatics there kill our troops.

Somebody is gonna have to show me where the Smart is in this kind of Power, our enemies get stronger and our friends and any who crave freedom get thrown under the bus.

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