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20 July 2009


Pakistan's Fifth Column
from Counterterrorism Blog by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Pakistan has engaged in a two-month offensive against Islamic militants in the country's Swat region, a campaign that began when the Taliban captured a district just 60 miles from Islamabad, the nation's capital. As the campaign winds down, and local residents begin to return, significant questions remain about future counterinsurgency operations. For example, while Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari has asked Washington for his own armed Predator drones for use against the Taliban, regional newspaper Dawn reports that U. S. intelligence officers oppose this move -- in part because several years ago "American officials gave Pakistan advance word of planned Predator attacks, but stopped the practice after the information was leaked to militants."



More GIs may Head to Afghanistan
from Military Army News Center
The Pentagon's chief said Thursday he could send more U.S. troops to Afghanistan this year than he'd initially expected and is considering increasing the number of Soldiers in the Army. Both issues reflect demands on increasingly stressed American forces tasked with fighting two wars.



Middle East navies eye new submarines
from Military Space News, Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defense
Tehran (UPI) Jul 17, 2009 - Submarine warfare seems to be in vogue in the Middle East these days, with Israel leading the way. Iran, Algeria and Egypt are also planning to acquire new submarines that could operate in the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.



Pentagon IDs Taliban-held Soldier
from Associated Press

HAILEY, Idaho -- A Soldier who disappeared from his base in Afghanistan and was captured by the Taliban has been identified by the Pentagon as Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl of Idaho, who was serving with an Alaska-based infantry regiment.

While the Soldier's identity was known in his hometown of Hailey, residents there kept it to themselves until the Defense Department released his name after he was seen in a Taliban video posted online. Bergdahl, 23, was serving at an Afghan base near the border with Pakistan in an area known to be a Taliban stronghold.



US, Japan agree to set up official talks on nuclear deterrence
from Military Space News, Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defense
Tokyo (AFP) July 18, 2009 - The United States on Saturday agreed with Japan to set up an official talks on ways to boost the nuclear deterrence it provides to protect Tokyo as tensions continue with North Korea, a senior official said.



The Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP) Finally Reacts to Urumqi Riots, Threatens Revenge on China
from Counterterrorism Blog by Evan Kohlmann

The NEFA Foundation has obtained a new audio recording from the Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP) titled, "In Occasion of the Communists’ Massacre of Our Muslim Nation in China and in Urumqi (East Turkistan)." In the statement, TIP's military commander Saifullah warned, "you ought to know that this Muslim people has men who will avenge them, and soon the knights of Allah will ambush you, Allah-willing, so await as we are with you awaiting.” The threat comes on the heels of ethnic riots in Urumqi, the regional capital of Xinjiang, which have left nearly 200 dead and 1,700 injured. For those who are still unaware, the TIP is a Uighur militant group based in northwest Pakistan which is loosely aligned with the Taliban and Al-Qaida.



Russia stunned by missile failure setback
from Military Space News, Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defense
Moscow (AFP) July 17, 2009 - The Russian military's drive to revamp its Soviet-era missile arsenal has suffered a major setback after a nuclear-capable missile touted as the new pride of its rocket forces failed again in testing.



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